2015 in review

Lately I've been thinking about the fact that I've had an incredibly productive year. I've even said those words a dozen times lately. 

This year I've turned the volume to 11 on my screen printing, participated in a couple art shows, and had a chance to really grow as an artist. I'm incredibly happy with this year and can't wait to see what 2016 will hold.

Things are changing quickly in my life and I'm very pleased with how everything has turned around. I'm both excited and nervous to go back to school for something other than art- however I firmly believe that creating art will always be a major part of my life and maybe having a job that is less dependent on creativity will save some energy for me to create in my spare time. I think a career change will also open tons of possibilities for me, especially since I'm going to school for a mobile occupation; there are CNC positions in every state. I am chomping at the bit to do CNC prints!

I think I've basically exhausted my exploration of what I can do with a photoshop job. I haven't learned anything new and haven't been inspired from photoshop for the past 3 years. I come home creatively burnt out, feeling like I'm drudging the bottom of an empty well. I'm excited to do something different and feel alive again. I think it will also be cool to do something that will keep me diverse and well rounded (I'm going to have to get better with numbers and math!).

This year has also brought me a serious relationship with a girl that I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with.  I never would have guessed I'd find someone that is so encouraging and inspiring to me. Half of my artistic growth this year is directly connected to this person and for this I am grateful.

I cant wait to get new stuff posted! In the past 2 months I've created 10+ printed images!

October 17th: Coe Alum Show, The Cherry Building, Cedar Rapids, IA

November 17th: Margins of the Multiple, Public Space one, Iowa City

The theme of this art show was graffiti (specifically wheat paste). Since I had already been working on images of food, and had a cmyk print of a hot dog, I thought approaching the "Flying Wienie" would be a great way to; 1-legally paste up my art up, and; 2-use a place that I like. It seemed like a no brainer to me.

I heard the owner was kind of tough but I really had no problem getting him to agree to letting me do this. Feel free to check out the hot dog wheat paste behind the restaurant.. and get a Chicago dog while you're there!